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Lounge Lizzard™
The Ultimate Entertainer

All-in-one entertainment system

Specialists in all-in-one entertainment systems designed for the licensed trade.

The Lounge Lizzard™ Entertainment System offers an alternative and vibrant solution to keep ahead of the competition.

Ideal for: pubs, holiday Park’s, WMC’s, sports and social clubs, Student Union, cruise ships etc… In fact Lounge Lizzard™ is perfect for any venue looking to attract and retain more business whilst making great financial savings!

Unique Approach To Entertainment

Lounge Lizzard™ is the UK’s first fully PAY-AS-YOU-GO entertainment system meaning you only pay for what you use.

With flexible options available, the Lounge Lizzard is offered as a full system where all features and games are accessible at all times, or on a PAYG basis where you can pick and choose what you have access to on a monthly or 24 hour basis – perfect for venues that don’t run regular entertainment but need something reliable in place for spontaneous or special events.

The hardware is available on rental, or can be purchased outright for those wanting to be free of any contracts.

Your system will be updated with the latest TOP40, new music, and any requests, every week, as will your Karaoke and quiz module.

We include first class support and updates 7 days a week to all customers - on call from 10am to 10pm week days / weekends 12 noon to 10pm.

Finally, our systems are internet connected meaning no matter where you are in the world, our fantastic remote access system can support and/or update your system within seconds.

Why the licensed trade choose to work with
Lounge Lizzard

Our system can drastically increase your profits
Offer your customers something different every night
On-demand entertainment - fully installed and ready to go
Something for all age groups
Attract and retain new and existing custom
Payment plans to suit all budgets
Great value for money
Easy to operate
Trusted suppliers to the trade since 2005

Holiday Park Entertainment Systems, click here for more information ...

We also offer systems for Pubs and Clubs karaoke systems

A weeks worth of entertainment under one roof – without hiring anyone in.

Higher Lower
Open the box
Shoot The Loot
Race Nights
Various Quizzes
Raffle / Lotto Generator
Spin To Win
Find The Footy
Music Jukebox
Karaoke Nights
Advertising Module

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