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Holiday Park Entertainment System
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Pub and Club Karaoke System

Touch screen karaoke system for Pubs, Bars, Clubs etc.
15,000 HD Sunfly tracks - Updated monthly - Includes kids karaoke tracks
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Along with a constantly updated Pub and Club Karaoke system with the all latest chart hits and karaoke classic the system also includes:

Open the box
A crowd based game that encourages weekly rollovers with great cash jackpots. Monies are typically raised via raffle ticket sales with the lucky winner taking home the jackpot! Hidden amongst the closed boxes are smaller prize set by the venue with the remaining being empty.

Higher lower
A timeless favourite that creates a great atmosphere as soon as it starts. This can be used in the style of the legendary Bruce’s ‘play your cards right’ although many venues have come up with their own games and use it for happy hours, the card game ‘hoy’ and many other unique games.

Shoot the loot
A spin on a well known channel 4 TV game show, ‘deal or no deal’. A one-on-one setup with the crowd on looking and hoping the player doesn’t win too much so the pot can keep being used. Great for keeping bums on seats and filling a room with joy!

Spin to win
A simple yet effective happy hour tool. Fill the wheel with drinks promos, prices, offers, people’s names or whatever you decide. Spin the wheel, hit stop and see what it lands on! Some may call it a wheel of fortune but when the landlord’s in charge of the offers, they shouldn’t get their hopes up!

Typical bingo with professional and celebrity callers to make it perfect for a fund raising even or a serious afternoon of eyes down! With 10’s of voices to chose from, you are spoilt for choice and will always be remembered by your customers.

Boogie Bingo
A modern twist on the classic Bingo style. Instead of listening for ball numbers and marking them off, you are now listening to 15 second bursts of well known songs and having to find their title on your score card. Hours of great fun for all ages and any scenario.

Remove the need for a manual raffle cage and balls by using our on screen, digital platform. Select what colour tickets you’ve sold from, the start and end number, how many winners and let the system randomly select the lucky winners for you.

Tailor great quiz’ to any audience demographic with our market leading quiz platform. Select questions from 15 different categories, text, music or picture rounds, write your own questions, upload your own images for questions… it’s capabilities are endless.

Race nite
Bring the races to your pub with our spontaneous, very easy to use, race nite module. An extensive portfolio of horse and dog races with built in betting calculator make for a fantastic, profitable event!

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