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Managed music solution

Pro-vibe is a naturally evolved solution that we now offer to any business that requires professional music to enhance their brand. Our specially curated playlists are developed based on the information collated at the consultation stage. It’s key for us to gain a strong understanding of your business in the sense of customer demographics, brand direction and the overall experience you’re wanting to create.

In-store music is a vital ingredient to the success of a business – whether you’re a chain of busy hair salons or a small independent restaurant – as it’s the customer experience that will keep them returning again and again. If the basics are wrong – cleanliness, lighting, sound, smell - the chances of customers returning or indeed recommending your business are heavily impacted.

We believe music is the life blood to the perfect atmosphere therefore we are passionate about getting it right... the style, the tempo, the volume and the overall VIBE needs to be carefully planned.

Our managed music service is available to any business – Retail, high street, licensed trade, restaurants and quick service restaurants (QSR) – anywhere that aims to engage with their customers and develop positive customer experiences.

Our PRO-VIBE system is fully managed by us meaning there’s no staff intervention required. This leaves your employees to focus on what they are paid to do and you peace of mind that the right music is being played throughout the day.

Our playlists are scheduled to flow with your trading patterns for busier and quieter times of day. They are also updated monthly to keep things fresh and eliminate repetitiveness.

PRO-VIBE is stored on a mini PC that is based on-site. No screen is needed and is does not rely on streaming meaning there will never be issues with buffering or other internet related interferences.

This is a plug and play solution that simply connects to your audio and internet.
Personalised jingles are available.

Prices from £25 + VAT / month, per site

For more information on the PRO-VIBE managed music service please contact us
via phone or email and a sales consultant will be happy to help.

Sales enquiries: 0844 686 8001

or email: info@pro-vibe.co.uk

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