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AV. Technical

Our philosophy is to provide quality, user friendly products and services nationwide including
all-in-one entertainment systems under the Lounge Lizzard™ brand.

In 1999 two college students studying I.T had the basis of an idea for a pc based entertainment system called Club Entertainer, which would include games such as Bingo and the card game Higher Lower, whilst also featuring a Music & Karaoke player with maybe a Raffle / Lotto generator. After teaming up with a third friend, and during the following six years, the entertainment system was gradually developed until in 2005 it was considered ready for commercial launch. Subsequently the company AV. Technical Services Ltd was formed in September 2005.

Nationwide sales & support The continued success of AV. Technical Services™ and the Club Entertainer in its niche market has provided financial stability and created the birth in 2008 of Lounge Lizzard Ltd and the Lounge Lizzard™ touch-screen entertainment system which is aimed at a much wider marketplace. Whilst Lounge Lizzard Ltd now carries the brand, AV. Technical Services™ still provides the very important excellence in installation and support.

With AVT™ being a family business, our aim is to offer AFFORDABLE quality entertainment solutions to licensed/non licensed venues that are either lacking in ideas, that need to re-ignite the energy of their venue or feel the need to enhance their current entertainment schedule. We understand the Market place and what is needed therefore our product and prices reflect this. Greed is not in our vocabulary!

As we are an Audio Visual company, we can also provide FULL audio equipment to give your venue that professional sound so your customers enjoy the entire experience of what an entertainment venue should be like.

A weeks worth of entertainment under one roof – without hiring anyone in.

Higher Lower
Open the box
Shoot The Loot
Race Nights
Various Quizzes
Raffle / Lotto Generator
Spin To Win
Find The Footy
Music Jukebox
Karaoke Nights
Advertising Module

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