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Holiday Park Entertainment System
Lounge Lizzard 0845 619 9007

Holiday Park Entertainment System

All-in-one entertainment system for Holiday Parks, Pubs, Bars, Clubs, Party. Including Karaoke, Jukebox, Quiz, Race Night, Higher Lower, Bingo and much more. Internet connected.

The Lounge Lizzard™ Entertainment System offers an alternative and vibrant solution to keep ahead of the competition. Ideal for all kinds of locations and venues:

Holiday parks
Working mens clubs
Social clubs
Sports clubs
Student unions

Perfect for any holiday park or similar venue looking to attract and retain more customers whilst making great financial savings.

WEEKLY RENTAL option available to all customers creating inexpensive solutions to providing entertainment. Cash purchase and lease options also available.

The Lounge Lizzard ™ entertainment system is FREE to install (when on a rental agreement) and rental prices includes ALL maintenance and Updates.

The Lounge Lizzard ™ system is Internet connected and we provide backup and support 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional product with an equally impressive after sales service. Being internet connected from day one your system will be updated each week with latest karaoke tracks, latest TOP 40 music, new topical quiz questions plus any additional request.

Remote assistance
Engineer visits
No waiting for CDs in the post

Higher/Lower - the classic card game is always a crowd pleaser. Nice to see you!...
Open the box - electronic version of the pub favorite
Race Night - virtual horse racing betting game
Quiz Night - thousands of questions on all different topics, customised quizzes easily prepared
Find The Footy - Spot the ball
Juke Box and Karaoke, thousands of the latest music and karaoke favorites
... and much more to keep your holiday park venue entertained!...

Free demonstration 0845 6199 007

or email: carl@lounge-lizzard.co.uk

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