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What our customers say....

Here’s what some of our happy customers say about their Lounge Lizzard™ All-In-One Entertainment Systems

Dave Bird - Red Lion, Sheffield
The guys at Lounge Lizzard installed me a system that does everything I want and more....excellent install, engineers were knowledgable and professional .... I get updated every week over the internet without any fuss!! Cheers Guys
Hazel - The Peacock, Liverpool
"Superb system, really happy! The engineers were excellent. They were clean, tidy and gave great training on the system (even though it is really easy to use).. Its only been in a month or so but can tell it's going to boost our trade and help us in a big way.... We score you 11/10" Thanks, Hazel! x
Rob - Suffolk Students Union
"value for money, no one can beat it!" "Updates & Uploads are done really quickly, quicker than expected actually and to top it off, they even send an email when the request has been dealt with"
James Lay - Northumbria University Award winning venue - best students union for Entertainment
The Lounge Lizard is a unique and essential piece of equipment for any Bar! Here at Northumbria Students Union it has totally revamped our regular Quiz, the Juke Box is superb and updated regularly, it has also saved us loads of money on forking out on external Karaoke companies. The customer support is excellent and all the staff at Lounge Lizard are a pleasure to work with, I would highly recommend this company to any other student union or bar considering a full interactive system! Can’t recommend this company enough!
Maxine - Heathway, Birmingham
Engineers made an excellent job of the installation, very pleased with them! We use the system every day for Music and the games.. The advertising feature is really helpful too to get offers and promotions across. Finally, we can now have Karaoke every night if we like making it a real party pub. Really impressed! Thanks Lounge Lizzard..
Caroline - New Inn, Mansfield
The Lounge Lizzard is a VERY competitive system available to pubs. We were very impressed with installation and how the engineers spent as much time as needed AFTER the install to train all members of staff and myself on the system. Whenever we put games on, the majority of locals get involved as it clearly makes their time in our pub more enjoyable. The system is very easy to use and most importantly, any enquiries made by myself are dealt with straight away by their technical team - very impressive internet setup! Caroline
Mick - Park Hotel, Sheffield
Everything is Great! The Engineers were neatk, tidy, well mannered and gave good training on the system once installed. We use the system everyday for games and Music and have noticed an increase in business especially because the customers can choose their own music for FREE! Over all the system is Easy to use with a GREAT selection of music! I give 10/10 for the company and system.
Manager - Butchers Arms, Sheffield
Excellent system and equally great support! The NEW advertising module recently upgraded is fabulous - very effective, professional and easy to use. The system is used daily for all aspects. A good recent story is one lucky customer won £1000 on the open the box game and the jackpot is already back up to £520! A real crowd puller that we draw twice weekly. Very happy.
Lloyd - The Northern, Bradford
We use the Lounge Lizzard system extensively. It saves us money as I dont require expensive DJ's anymore and I can even raise money for our Football team by holding race nights every month. Finally, I would recommend Lounge Lizzard to anyone looking for a well rounded entertainment system. Lloyd.
Dave & Sharon - Church Inn, Mossley - Customer since 2010
This is the 2nd pub Sharon & Dave have had our Lounge Lizzard installed suggesting just how relied upon our systems are. When our customer service team called them on their 3 monthly call, they had the following to say.. Short and sweet! "GREAT SYSTEM" Says it all really...
Mark - Buffs, Brynmwar
"East to use system with great features. Also ideal that you can select a playlist for your customers so they aren't having to pay. This also eliminates having quiet periods with no music on at all"
Caroline - Garibaldi, St Albans
"Great fun and VERY reliable" Caroline actually used to have a competitors system but changed to ours so the short and sweet quote she gave us on our 3 monthly customer service call is good enough for us!
Andrew - Milestone, Sheffield
"The Lounge Lizzard is very good! Easy to use and everything you need is in one place.. Would definitely reccommend it"
Ian - George Inn, Lydney
"The system is straight forward easy to operate. It really does help with getting people into the bar and keeping them in"
Daniel - Sun Inn, Buckfastleigh
" A very versatile system! A lot of functions in one simple system" Dan used to have our system in a previous pub and took the Lounge Lizzard with him to Sun Inn.
Wayne - Denison Arms, Scarborough - Since 2010
" The system is very good, easy and quick!" Wayne, the owner, also recommended us to his daughter who now has a system in her pub. We have been working with Wayne and his family for almost 2 years now.
Shindy - Cutlers, Sheffield
"The system is absolutely fantastic - We can't fault it! Lounge Lizzard is great for when you are busy with lots of customers to the opposite of when you only have a handful in - keeps them all entertained!"
James Greer - Rose & Crown, London. Customer since 2010
" The system is excellent as is the support from the Lounge Lizzard team. Having been a customer for over 3 years, we can't rate them high enough, 10/10"
Steve - Totteridge Community Centre
"The Lounge Lizzard does everything we need and more. We have had similar systems in the past and this one is as good if not better"
Lisa - The Windmill, Manchester - Since 2010
"Great system. Sales lad wasnt pushy at all, very helpful lad. Engineers were excellent, didnt affect the days trade, clean and tidy. Would highly reccomend - 10/10"

A weeks worth of entertainment under one roof – without hiring anyone in.

Higher Lower
Open the box
Shoot The Loot
Race Nights
Various Quizzes
Raffle / Lotto Generator
Spin To Win
Find The Footy
Music Jukebox
Karaoke Nights
Advertising Module

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